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The future of Clank

Posted on January 26, 2014 by Wolfr

One of the problems of maintaining a UI framework has is that you are basically always chasing new design expectations and standards.

In past blog posts I have talked (or in some ways complained) that it’s impossible to keep up with the different platforms.

The main goal of Clank is to be able to rapidly prototype a mobile application.

Over the past few months I have been using Bootstrap 3 in a lot of projects. Their approach to UI, form controls, navigation bars etc. is really solid. It’s actually so good that I’m considering using BS3 as the base for all Clank front-end code.

The idea is get rid of all the custom CSS components and standardize on Bootstrap 3. This way, people already know the syntax (class="btn btn-default" instead of having to look up "cl-btn" as it is now)

Some parts that are not in Bootstrap that are specific to mobile, such as toggles, will remain in the framework. I can also imagine some specifics such as “chevron” style back buttons will remain in Clank. In a way, Clank will become an “add-on” to Bootstrap that is about prototyping native-looking UI.

So where does that leave Clank then? The goal of Clank is to be able to quickly prototype mobile apps, not to reinvent the wheel as a UI framework. We want to provide the right defaults (getting rid of the click delay on mobile, documenting some easy to use components) and also provide an environment to “test” and document your prototype in similar to what you see in demos.

First I want to check off these ideas with the community, so what do you think?

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