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Clank 0.3.6

Posted on December 21, 2013 by Wolfr

Over the past few months, a lot of improvements have been added to Clank.

These are the major ones:

  • Make it clearer how to use Clank: if you download Clank now and open the index.html file it’s clearer how to get started
  • More components: we have added more components so it’s easier to prototype for the iPad and iOS7. A lot of components have been iOS7-ified to fit in with expectations on what a modern prototype should look like.
  • Animation: we added a method to animate between screens. If you’re curious check out this YouTube video. This is an undocumented feature and still a work in progress. If you’re feeling adventurous check out animation.html in the master branch.

You might be wondering what is going on with the versions. Clank started in June this year with a 0.1 release. The planned 0.2 release never happened, and now we suddenly have 0.3.6. I’m sorry for the confusion and aim to make releases more logical in the future. There is a better project structure in place to make it easier to work with Clank.

Full changelog

Repo organisation

  • The single Clank repository on Github has been split in 3 repositories: one for Clank itself, one for the documentation and a starter project using Jekyll.
  • Clank is now a bower component that is versioned using semantic versioning.


  • Added a new tab bar (and badge) component. See the demo.
  • Added a new popover component (demo). This popover can be “spawned” from headers and footers.
  • Added font generation for 3 separate icon fonts (one for iOS, one for Android and once for the app itself)


  • Many styles have been iOS7-ified. I came to terms with the iOS7 look after hating it at first. Turns out it’s not so bad after all.
    • This release is very much iOS7 focussed so if you want to build an Android + iPhone app you are going to have a lot of work making the Android components look Android-y. This is a known issue and we will actively be working on giving Android the necessary attention. An alternative path we are considering is letting go of emulating platform styles completely and integrate Bootstrap 3 and build (mobile friendly) plugins around that ecosystem.
  • Z-indexes are now listed in the variables list (_vars.scss) for a birds eye view (similar to Twitter Bootstrap)
  • The loading spinner was modernized, now a circle instead of a traditional spinner


Unfortunately there are are a lot of regressions in this release - in fact, too many to list. Clank is not a mature framework yet, many things will change around in releases. One cause of regressions is that I rid of the BEM syntax since I found it confusing. This has caused some class renaming, for instance:

  • .cl-view-all was renamed .cl-table-view-btn
  • .cl-table__extended was renamed to .cl-table-extended
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