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Hacker news surge

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Wolfr

Hacker news visitors

I posted the link to Clank to Hacker News yesterday, which led to a nice visitor boost. I would like to highlight one of the questions in the discussion thread:

The planned 0.2 release is delayed due to little public interest in Clank. -clank blog
Is user interest enough for the OP, or are you looking for other contributors?

To which I replied:

User interest is enough but contributors would be better to raise the bar.

I am specifically looking for someone with JS skills to handle building animation in between screens (similar to push.js in Ratchet). This in turn is inspired by jquery-pjax.

Explained in short - there should be some way to fetch the HTML for a “new page” replacing the older page without a page refresh. This way we can have nice CSS transitions between the pages. If we can plug the effects from something like Effeckt in there this could lead to nice demo/prototype material and will also give the native coders a good idea about the animation.

My speciality is UI design and CSS. My JS is not solid enough for framework quality javascript.

The demo UI works with Angular.js

Obviously there is more interest in the framework than I thought. One of the biggest ways to improve it would be the “views” I am talking about in the above comment. So, if you are a JS coder and interested in contributing let me know.

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