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Towards 0.1 - update 2

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Wolfr

So, Clank is evolving at a rapid pace. The goal of the 0.1 release has mostly been reached with the addition of new components. The only bigger todo left is implementing an improved homepage design.

New components: forms, article, data table, sliders, toggles

Article Provides styles for articles
Forms Provides styles for forms
Data table Provides styles for data table styling (similar to Bootstrap tables)
Sliders Provides styles for slideshows (similar to Ratchet sliders)
Toggles Provides styles for on/off toggles (similar to Ratchet toggles)

Clank forms on iPhone 5

0.2 aims aka the future of Clank

I’ve been thinking about the ways Clank will evolve. These are some of the things I’m thinking about:

  • A way to switch between pages without reloading the page, pjax style
  • Page transitions: implement CSS animations between pages
  • Choose a lightweight JS framework for basic DOM manipulation (zepto.js?)
  • Implement a working “radio list” (see radio button implementation)
  • Improve the skinning mechanism so it accounts for all kinds of color choices
  • Make multi touch demos work on desktop (e.g. fingerblast.js)

This blog’s theme is open source

The theme of this blog has been open sourced.

Release date

Clank 0.1 will be released by the end of the month.

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