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Towards 0.1!

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Wolfr

I wanted to talk a bit about the updates to Clank the past few days and where things are going.

What is Clank?

Since Clank is still relatively unknown allow me to repeat what Clank is. Clank is an open source HTML/CSS framework for prototyping mobile applications. It aims to provide HTML/CSS components that you can freely use in your projects. Think of it as Twitter Bootstrap but for prototyping native looking applications.

Clank 0.1 aims

As mentioned before I am aiming to release Clank 0.1 by the end of the month. The main goal of the first release is to provide HTML/CSS for common components like form elements, buttons, button groups, headers and footers.

Website updates

I’ve been working on the site so it’s a nice place to go to for documentation. For example, go to the table view demo to get a good idea of how you would read the docs for a component.

The main goal is a “professional” looking website so Clank looks like a project you can trust and can build your codebase on.


I worked a little bit on the branding aspect: there is a logo now, there is a favicon. It’s basic and not much but adds some visual flair. When this gets more popular I’ll invest in a better logo - or maybe someone in the community is more talented in branding than I am.

Any feedback is welcome. If you have bugs, suggestions, questions, ideas - file a Github issue or mention @getclank on Twitter.

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